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About Rama Rau

Rama Rau is a Canadian Screen Award nominated writer-director whose works feature strong female roles. Well known for her daring choice of subject matter and ability to interest funders in her unique storytelling methods, Rau has paved a path for herself as a director, moving between fiction and documentary. Her film LEAGUE OF EXOTIQUE DANCERS opened Hot Docs in 2016 to rave reviews. Her previous film NO PLACE TO HIDE, a film on teen cyberbullying, was voted an Audience Award winner in 2015. She is developing a narrative feature NATALIE, a gritty take on human trafficking, to be produced by Sally Karam (What We Have) and EP'd by Damon D'Oliveira (Book of Negroes) for release in 2018. Rau has been the shadow director on Murdoch Mysteries and is always looking for more challenging opportunities in TV series, fiction features and documentary directing.

With her work being screened at more than thirty international film festivals and covered by The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Globe and Mail, Rau has been profiled as one of Canada's Top Ten Women Filmmakers, winning awards like the Hot Docs Don Haig Award, the Stuttgart Best Director Award and the Golden Panda for Best Director. A PhD in English Drama and Literature from the University of Madras, India, Rau is an alumna of the Women in the Director's Chair program (WIDC) and of the Judith Weston and Joan Scheckel Director's Labs in LA and a member of the Alliance of Women Directors (AWD) in LA and the Director's Guild of Canada.

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